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Piano Tab, Chords

Flogging Molly
Devil's Dance Floor

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    Last Update:  3 years ago
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Comments / Corrections (6):  


(2 years ago)
@lightfingerslace It's actually a Penny Whistle, or Irish Tin Whistle. But the notes would be awesome if you still could do that (: Thanks.



New Tabber
[New Recruit]

(3 years ago)
sorry my last post ended up anonymous. here are the penny flute notes. this is not really how it is played because of penny flute ornamentation but to play it on a flute or for a beginner penny flute player this is the easiest way....and trust me it's still not easy, lol. i am going to space where i breathe, so the phrases kind of make sense.

it's in the key of g so f's are sharp but the rest are all natural. to play it on the flute i would probably reccomend transposing it to E flat just because it's a more comfortable key on the flute. what's funny is my band actually plays it in Eb so i had to buy and Eb whistle to play with them for this song and then we ended up not playing it becuase we just wern't ablt to do it clean consistantly.

it's easy to pick up a penny whistle and play....


are great sites, along with whistle tutorials.


eabafge aabage eabafgefe aabagg (repeat a few times)


eaabaabcdcbag eaabaabcdb eaabaabcdcbag eaabaabcaba

key change:

fbbcbbcdedcba fbbcbcddec fbbcbbcdedcba fbbcbbcdbcb


aba aba aba aba efe efe efe efe

i hope this helps...if you want the penny whistle fingerings let me know....a penny whistle is around 10 bucks on ebay so it's really easy to pick one up and start playing right away.



(3 years ago)
i played flute when i was younger and while it's certainly playable it would be annoying simply because of the key sig. i've been busy and i keep meaning to sit down and copy it out but i never seem to have my penny flute binder near my laptop. i'll try and get it done within the week. i will say that switching from flute to penny flute is rather easy, the hand position is the same. i also played trombone in school. now i just play penny flute with a dkm and flogging molly cover band on st. pats. there are great penny flute youtube videos, including some really good ones for devil's dance floor where you can learn the fingerings. it's how i learned it....also helped me learn to play at the same time.



(3 years ago)
@lightfingerslace-I don't play the penny whistle but I play the flute. Would the notes translate to flute? I don't have the music for this song but if you do can you send it too me?


FM Fan

(3 years ago)

The notes for the whistle would be great!!!



New Tabber
[New Recruit]

(3 years ago)
it's a penny flute...and if you want i can get you the notes.


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