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The Latest Highly Rated Tabs The Latest Highly Rated Tabs
Artist - Song 21:01:37.2627222TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1PianoPlay midiDead By April - As A Butterflymegalex
21,8789 months ago
#2PianoPlay midiDrowning Pool - BodiesJBJohnson
New Tabber
23731 month ago
#3PianoPlay midiLullaby - Nursery Song (Whimsical Workshop extended)Anonymous21,26823 days ago
#4PianoPlay midiKoji Kondo - Yoshi's Island ThemeTuttaliny
Pro Tabber
19694 months ago
#5guitarPlay midiJeremy Soule - CapriceDeis500
New Tabber
15109 months ago
#6guitarPlay midiFoo Fighters - Auroraayylmao15377 months ago
#7PianoPlay midiDisney Parks - Grim, Grinning GhostsMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
51,5274 months ago
#8guitarPlay miditeh_pwnerer - teh noob songAnonymous14068 months ago
#9PianoPlay midiDa Tickler - Untitled No.131Da Tickler
28667 months ago

#10guitarPlay midiAiden McLauchlin - untitledAiden McLauchlin16336 months ago
#11PianoPlay midiKorn - Adidas sadidAReverso
15351 month ago
#12electric guitarPlay midiradiohead - dfAnonymous15588 months ago
#13PianoPlay midiTheStig - No.11TheStig
51,0282 months ago
#14PianoPlay midiM and the B (or the death of music as we know it) - Within the stormBA
18472 months ago
#15PianoPlay midifive finger death punch - stranger than fictionray14518 months ago
#16PianoPlay midiDead By April - Done With Broken Heartmegalex
16449 months ago
#17PianoPlay midiJack White - Lazaretto -- Bass RiffMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
18545 months ago
#18PianoPlay midiSeanlos - quand iSeanlos
Pro Tabber
41,2294 months ago
#19PianoPlay midichopin - nocturne no.2matt1126556417 months ago
#20PianoPlay midiBA - Bye - in progressBA
15691 month ago
#21PianoPlay midiRadiohead - Alligators In New York SewersAnonymous15048 months ago
#22PianoPlay midiM3 - Space!MatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
21,7454 months ago
#23PianoPlay midiInterpol - PDAbebeting
15709 months ago
#24PianoPlay midiCorinne Bailey Rae - Like A Starbebeting
15568 months ago
#25guitarPlay midiKilling joke - Eightiesmonkay17599 months ago
#26PianoPlay midiLana Del Rey - Once Upon A DreamMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
18172 months ago
#27guitarPlay midiAnonymous - UntitledAnonymous11496 days ago
#28PianoPlay midiGazettE, The - Pledge (RightHand)An.
Pro Tabber
11,3108 months ago
#29PianoPlay midiBach - prelude in d minormatt1126514287 months ago
#30PianoPlay midiMuse - I Belong To YouMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
81,4882 months ago
#31guitarPlay midiAnonymous - UntitledAnonymous125114 days ago
#32PianoPlay midiPixies - Here Comes Your Manbebeting
15859 months ago
#33PianoPlay midiOne Republic - Waking Up (piano outro)Anonymous17786 months ago
#34PianoPlay midiLegend Of Zelda - Serenade of Water (Great Version)Seanlos
Pro Tabber
19714 months ago
#35PianoPlay midiSean Kingston - Fire BurningCoralineIsMeh
15179 months ago
#36PianoPlay midiDolly Parton - Nine To Five (single track)Reverso17466 months ago
#37PianoPlay midiSuper Mario Bros. - Theme (Basic) Multi Instrument MixAnonymous11,2227 months ago
#38PianoPlay midiseanlos - dr who mateseanlos13315 months ago
#39PianoPlay midiWoodenToaster - Rainbow FactoryAnonymous21,2389 months ago
#40guitarPlay midiAnonymous - UntitledAnonymous123113 days ago
#41PianoPlay midiDewa - Cintakan MembawamuZeus15187 months ago
#42PianoPlay midiDead By April - Same Starmegalex
16049 months ago
#43PianoPlay midiShaggy - AngelJBJohnson
New Tabber
14031 month ago
#44PianoPlay midiM3 - Commute (Never Again!)MatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
81,6014 months ago
#45PianoPlay midiBEP - I Got A Feeling (The Reverser's remix)The Reverser16437 months ago
#46PianoPlay midiKool & The Gang - Celebrationsupersheep97
17796 months ago
#47PianoPlay midiDead By April - Infinity x Infinitymegalex
21,1309 months ago
#48PianoPlay midiDead By April - Beautiful Nightmaremegalex
18259 months ago
#49guitarPlay midiDa Tickler - Untitled No. 184Da Tickler
47478 months ago
#50guitarPlay midiJoseph Rust - The Monday EffectJoseph Rust15886 months ago
#51PianoPlay midiA Great Big World - Say Something (With Lyrics)ColdStarFilms
New Tabber
11,8598 months ago
#52PianoPlay midiDark Dark Dark - Daydreamingbebeting
18507 months ago
#53PianoPlay midiM3 - LullabyMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
39571 month ago
#54PianoPlay midiRadiohead - Everything In Its Right PlaceAnonymous17648 months ago
#55PianoPlay midiM3 - Voyager--Daft Punk CoverMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
29645 months ago
#56guitarPlay midiUnknown - UntitledAnonymous15814 months ago
#57guitarPlay midime - mAnonymous17009 months ago
#58PianoPlay midiDaft Punk - Voyager -- (Chords)MatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
11,5214 months ago
#59electric guitarPlay mididaft punk - Aerodynamic Tabanon coward17156 months ago
#60guitarPlay mididad - dad's songyass16085 months ago
#61PianoPlay midiSeanlos - Doctor Who (Uncompleted)Seanlos
Pro Tabber
29354 months ago
#62PianoPlay midiozzy osbourne - bark at moon outroanonymous j12461 month ago
#63PianoPlay midiDream Theater - Octavarium (flute solo)Abrar
19347 months ago
#64guitarPlay midiArtist Unknown - Untitled Riff #1a15789 months ago
#65PianoPlay midiInterpol - C'merebebeting
18159 months ago
#66PianoPlay midiDead By April - Hold Onmegalex
17709 months ago
#67PianoPlay midiV&B - Waltz for AriahFangy123
29025 months ago
#68PianoPlay midisam - untitled 9sam11,2699 months ago
#69PianoPlay midiChildren of Bodom - In Your Face Keyboard SoloAnonymous14754 months ago
#70PianoPlay midiSeanlos - Grace's MedlySeanlos
Pro Tabber
29375 months ago
#71guitarPlay midiAugust Burns Red - Mariana's TrenchAnonymous15345 months ago
#72electric guitarPlay midiOrwells, The - Who Needs Youbebeting
16988 months ago
#73guitarPlay midiCorinne Bailey Rae - Like A Starbebeting
14428 months ago
#74PianoPlay midiMuse - Hoodoo (piano solo)WasabiPea
Tab Master
11,1462 months ago
#75PianoPlay midiGazette, The - PledgeAn.
Pro Tabber
21,5628 months ago
#76PianoPlay midiClassical - UnknownAnonymous16554 months ago
#77PianoPlay midiBeatles, The - Martha My Dear (Piano) Full SongMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
11,00020 days ago
#78PianoPlay midiPenguins, The - Earth Angel in EbBill13857 months ago
#79bassPlay midiT Funk - Somebody better 5 star this bitchT Funk11,0779 months ago
#80guitarPlay midiShannon Saunders - CreaturesAnonymous12,3728 months ago
#81PianoPlay midiOrwells, The - Who Needs Youbebeting
19178 months ago
#82PianoPlay midiM3 - Go Home--Christmas Bells MixMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
31,2354 months ago
#83PianoPlay midiRicky Martin - Livin' La Vida LocaCoralineIsMeh
17329 months ago
#84guitarPlay midiJeb Bush - Untitled - not sure, anyone know?Jeb Bush15623 months ago
#85guitarPlay midiArcade Fire - Cold Windbebeting
11,0129 months ago
#86PianoPlay midiM and the B (or the death of music as we know it) - Drums VS ArpeggiosBA
19166 months ago
#87PianoPlay midiMarosi - (Insert Creative Title Here)marosi
Tab Guru
42,1983 months ago
#88guitarPlay midimeghan - tabmeghan15957 months ago
#89PianoPlay midiMichael Giacchino - Married Life (From DisneyPixar's Up)MatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
17363 months ago
#90PianoPlay midicat power - i don't blame you (yes I do remix)ReMicks18049 months ago
#91PianoPlay midiRadiohead - FogAnonymous16768 months ago
#92PianoPlay midiBach - Ariamatt1126515628 months ago
#93PianoPlay midiM3 - Groove No. 2MatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
226812 days ago
#94guitarPlay midihi - if everyone caredhi15658 days ago
#95PianoPlay midiWizards and Warriors - Intro Theme (Video Game)WasabiPea348427 days ago
#96PianoPlay midiR5 - Wising I was 23Molly11,2438 months ago
#97PianoPlay midiHans Zimmer - Interstellar Teaser ThemeAnonymous41,0124 months ago
#98PianoPlay midiQueen - Bohemian Rhapasodymarosi
Tab Guru
11,2166 months ago
#99PianoPlay midiDead By April - Abnormalmegalex
17319 months ago
#100PianoPlay midiDisney Parks - The Haunted Mansion -- Organ--PianoMatthewMcCollum
Tab Guru
32,4644 months ago

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