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The Latest Highly Rated Tabs The Latest Highly Rated Tabs
Artist - Song 16:33:05.1001505TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1PianoPlay midiM3 - Whimsical WorkshopMatthewMcCollum
Pro Tabber
138337 months ago
#2PianoPlay midiTheStig - No.9TheStig
72,4928 months ago
#3PianoPlay midiEminem - Headlights (ft Nate Ruess)Anonymous62,8513 months ago
#4PianoPlay midiM3 - DuetMatthewMcCollum
Pro Tabber
69377 months ago
#5PianoPlay midiChristmas - Little Drummer Boy (multi instrumental remix)Reverso
52,85210 months ago
#6PianoPlay midiDaft Punk - Giorgio by MoroderAmber Flame51,6027 months ago
#7PianoPlay mididaft punk - instant crushSaucedo
New Tabber
51,2587 months ago
#8PianoPlay midichopin - nocturne no.2matt1126552911 month ago
#9PianoPlay midiKrewella - Live for the nightmegalex
42,98011 months ago

#10PianoPlay midiReverso - For AmyReverso
42,2371 month ago
#11PianoPlay midibeethoven - moonlight sonata backwards rmxBeethoven's Heir41,6428 months ago
#12PianoPlay midiM3 - Duet by reMicksreMicks41,4197 months ago
#13PianoPlay midiM3 - After forever?MatthewMcCollum
Pro Tabber
41,1126 months ago
#14PianoPlay midiTheStig - No.10TheStig
47153 months ago
#15PianoPlay midiEyes Half Closed (Tabber Dude) - Insomniac's Waltztabber dude
45291 month ago
#16guitarPlay midiDa Tickler - Untitled No. 184Da Tickler
42712 months ago
#17PianoPlay midiTheme Song - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (short orchestral intro)Anonymous32,64812 months ago
#18PianoPlay midiM3 - Who Carries Anymore?MatthewMcCollum
Pro Tabber
31,3787 months ago
#19PianoPlay midiM3 - And for the newsMatthewMcCollum
Pro Tabber
38845 months ago
#20PianoPlay midiNine Inch Nails - 1 Ghost IDryalex12
38807 months ago
#21guitarPlay midiPassenger - Let Her Go (Middle)Mandu35834 months ago
#22guitarPlay midiSam AG - Test 1Sam32941 month ago
#23PianoPlay midiWalking Dead Theme, The - Theme introAnonymous25,41411 months ago
#24PianoPlay midiNational, The - I Need My Girlbebeting
23,6097 months ago
#25PianoPlay midiMagnetic Fields - I Don't Believe In The SunReverso
23,3348 months ago
#26PianoPlay midiBlack Veil Brides - Knives And Pensmusicguy67
22,6511 month ago
#27PianoPlay midiHollywood undead - Bulletmegalex
22,60010 months ago
#28PianoPlay midiRolling Stones, The - Let's Spend the Night Togethertiny dancer
Tab Master
21,8007 months ago
#29PianoPlay midiIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Nightman (Dayman in reverse)Reverso
21,76410 months ago
#30PianoPlay midiFrozen - Let It Gosashabeani
Tab Master
21,7354 months ago
#31PianoPlay midiMacklemore - Can't Hold UsMatthewMcCollum
Pro Tabber
21,6095 months ago
#32PianoPlay midislickrick - Remembered About Dreslickrick
21,60012 months ago
#33PianoPlay midiShowtek - Cannonballmegalex
21,44110 months ago
#34PianoPlay midiIron Maiden - When The Wild wind blows ( better version)Abrar
21,3854 months ago
#35PianoPlay midiBruce Faulconer - Cells theme songBlarknox21,19411 months ago
#36PianoPlay midiDead By April - As A Butterflymegalex
21,0753 months ago
#37PianoPlay midiBeatles - With a Little HelpMr Bong21,04110 months ago
#38guitarPlay midiKiss - I Was Made For Lovin Youswedishghostmissle
296310 months ago
#39PianoPlay midiAnonymous - unknownstarr29476 months ago
#40PianoPlay midiMurray Gold - This is GallifreyCheeseBurger
29447 months ago
#41PianoPlay midiWilco - Please Be Patient With Mebebeting
29206 months ago
#42PianoPlay midiTanizawa Tomofumi - Kimi Ni TodokeMewawi
Pro Tabber
28916 months ago
#43guitarPlay midiBTA - SALAnonymous28329 months ago
#44PianoPlay midiMY CHEMIMCAL ROMANCE - BLOODmusicguy67
27708 months ago
#45PianoPlay midimurray gold - i am the doctorElliot 023
Tab Master
27118 months ago
#46PianoPlay midiGazette, The - PledgeAn.
Pro Tabber
26722 months ago
#47guitarPlay midimeeeezz - nervaAnonymous26276 months ago
#48PianoPlay midiFall Of Troy - I Just Got This Symphony Goin'Anonymous24907 months ago
#49PianoPlay midiDead By April - Infinity x Infinitymegalex
24623 months ago
#50PianoPlay midiDa Tickler - Untitled No.131Da Tickler
23492 months ago
#51PianoPlay midiDaft punk - Get Lucky (Chords)MatthewMcCollum
Pro Tabber
110,2509 months ago
#52PianoPlay midiHollywood undead - Believemegalex
13,9575 months ago
#53PianoPlay midiisisip - Lotus Flowerballscat12,7239 months ago
#54PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Last Kissxkyamie12,33912 months ago
#55PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - 22xkyamie12,33712 months ago
#56guitarPlay midiAi no corrida - Ai no corridaAnonymous12,2969 months ago
#57PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Back to Decemberxkyamie12,07912 months ago
#58PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Enchantedxkyamie12,02812 months ago
#59PianoPlay midiOne Direction - Story of my lifeARG_Punisher11,9229 months ago
#60PianoPlay midione direction - little thingsARG_Punisher11,91810 months ago
#61PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - State of Gracexkyamie11,86512 months ago
#62guitarPlay midiQI - QI theme songkallum211,85211 months ago
#63PianoPlay midiHowl's Moving Castle - Merry Go Round Of LifeCandyLovingOtaku
11,7879 months ago
#64PianoPlay midiSkrillex - scary monsterssaul BVB2014
11,6768 months ago
#65PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Eyes Openxkyamie11,66612 months ago
#66PianoPlay midiRobocop - Robocopbebeting
11,6648 months ago
#67guitarPlay midipogues, The - dirty old townAnonymous11,64911 months ago
#68PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Long Livexkyamie11,63412 months ago
#69PianoPlay midiWWE - Voices (Randy Orton)wweRKO12311,62111 months ago
#70PianoPlay midisherlock bbc main tune - sherlock bbcmusicguy67
11,6088 months ago
#71PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Hauntedxkyamie11,59812 months ago
#72PianoPlay midiAmber Pacific - If I Fall (reverse remix)Reverso
11,56010 months ago
#73PianoPlay midiregine velasquez - Nandiyan Palagixkyamie11,54212 months ago
#74PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Better than Revengexkyamie11,51412 months ago
#75PianoPlay mididead by april - last goodbyemegalex
11,51110 months ago
#76PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Redxkyamie11,44912 months ago
#77guitarPlay midiRobocop - Robocop Themebebeting
11,4128 months ago
#78PianoPlay midiXTC - Making plans for Nigelshufflebabe
11,40012 months ago
#79guitarPlay midiStar Wars - Darth Vader Theme {Rob's Remix}Rob11,37910 months ago
#80PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Innocentxkyamie11,33912 months ago
#81PianoPlay midiAlicia Keys - If I Ain't Got YouDigital Dizasta11,28712 months ago
#82PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Treacherousxkyamie11,26412 months ago
#83PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - The Story of Usxkyamie11,24012 months ago
#84PianoPlay midiSorrowseed - Corpse Colossusxkyamie11,23812 months ago
#85PianoPlay midiPierce The Veil - Stay Away From My Enemies (Friends Reverse Remix)Noni11,22511 months ago
#86PianoPlay midiTaylor Swift - Marys Song Oh My My Myxkyamie11,21512 months ago
#87PianoPlay midiSorrowseed - Scourge Of The Hierophantxkyamie11,21412 months ago
#88PianoPlay midiMemphis May Fire - The Abandonedxkyamie11,21012 months ago
#89PianoPlay midiJohn Williams - Duel of the Fates (full instrumental midi)Anonymous11,17610 months ago
#90PianoPlay midiEVANESCENCE - BRING ME TO LIFEmusicguy67
11,1568 months ago
#91PianoPlay midiTo Each His Own - Cross Lightxkyamie11,14712 months ago
#92PianoPlay midiReflections - My Cancerxkyamie11,14212 months ago
#93PianoPlay midiNYAN CAT - the actual nyan cat songmusicguy67
11,1308 months ago
#94PianoPlay midiTheme - Les cites d'orthejackk11,12412 months ago
#95PianoPlay midiSimon - Mess AroundSimon11,12112 months ago
#96PianoPlay midiGary Numan - This WreckageLu666Cifer
11,1155 months ago
#97PianoPlay midiBlack Stone Cherry - Things My Father Saidhonda
New Tabber
11,0927 months ago
#98guitarPlay midiEdwardo - Ddddd11,0609 months ago
#99PianoPlay midiFiona Apple - Criminalbebeting
11,0527 months ago
#100PianoPlay midiFC Kahuna - HaylingAnonymous11,05010 months ago

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