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The Latest Highly Rated Tabs The Latest Highly Rated Tabs
Artist - Song 20:58:08.6622041TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1Pianonobuo uematsu - farmboyAnonymous193011 months ago
#2Pianothom yorke - guess again! (piano chords + midi)Thom23171 day ago
#3guitarSam E. - fiddlin aroundAnonymous15,2239 months ago
#4PianoMAS - Soung of Silence - Left handMdas
15301 month ago
#5guitarAnonymous - UntitledAnonymous24,83010 months ago
#6Pianoslickrick - Children's Story - Winter is Comingslickrick
45,4098 months ago
#7PianoTears for Fears - ShoutPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
11,0104 months ago
#8PianoTears for Fears - Advice For The Young At HeartPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
17703 months ago
#9PianoAnonymous - An Untitled midi (my working title - So Long, Lucifer!)The Donald150923 days ago

#10PianoTears for Fears - Head Over HeelsPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
23,16017 days ago
#11PianoTears for Fears - I BelievePapa Wings
Pro Tabber
11,10217 days ago
#12PianoPokemon - Lugias Songsashabeani
Tab Master
141731 days ago
#13guitargstfs - Goat simulator themeAnonymous12,36910 months ago
#14PianoAnonymous - FA22 - E374 Download MIDI City Hunter-Nina.midAnonymous11,4366 months ago
#15PianoDEMI LOVATO - Made In The USAAnonymous15,0469 months ago
#16PianoSteve Reich - Piano Phase (part 1 - pause less)Anonymous11,3597 months ago
#17PianoBear McCreary - The Walking Dead Themebebeting
Tab Master
31,39311 months ago
#18PianoSteven Universe - Mirror GemNintenpoed
Pro Tabber
11,4266 months ago
#19PianoTears for Fears - Mad WorldPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
11,1284 months ago
#20PianoPapa Wings - Practice TabPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
21,5188 hours ago
#21guitarrammstein - rammlied midiAnonymous19678 months ago
#22guitarRick and Morty - Tiny Rick SongRob46,9018 months ago
#23Pianoa-ha - The Sun Always Shines On TVPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
11,0595 hours ago
#24PianoMAS - Sound of Silence - Both handMdas
13371 month ago
#25PianoToby Fox - His Theme (Unfinished)Tuttaliny
Pro Tabber
16172 months ago
#26PianoJuan - JuanJuanito11,11911 months ago
#27Pianoradiohead - daydreamingThom 12919 days ago
#28Pianoexo - overdoseElliot 023
Tab Master
11,3103 months ago
#29guitarJayapal - some songJayapal11,82111 months ago
#30PianoKraftwerk - kraftwerk-trans_europe_express.midAnonymous13161 month ago
#31PianoRöyksopp - Running to the Seaslickrick
13,6087 months ago
#32PianoAnonymous - Christmas_Carols_-_12_Days_Of_Christmas.midAnonymous12,1345 months ago
#33PianoRachmaninov - Piano Concerto No.1 in Fsharp-, Op.1 (Andante).midslickrick
118215 days ago
#34PianoMAS - Sound Of Silence LeftHand.midMas12071 month ago
#35PianoSmiths, The - PanicPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
267518 days ago
#36PianoCalvin Harris - How Deep Is Your LoveCalvin21,7957 months ago
#37PianoAdele - HelloAnonymous12,3046 months ago
#38guitarrammstein - rammliedвлад хмелевских18018 months ago
#39PianoTears for Fears - The Working HourPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
11,4313 months ago
#40guitarTimothy M. Petersen - ClaryselaTimothy M. Petersen23991 month ago
#41Pianonobuo uematsu - shinra buildingAnonymous157511 months ago
#42PianoA music person - DankovaniaAnonymous23923 months ago
#43PianoMAS - Sound of silence - right handMdas13061 month ago
#44PianoLiving Tombstone, The - Five Nights At Freddie's 1 songEnderbrine062811,7168 months ago
#45PianoGreg Garcia - Laundry Packets PSA (sad song)Greg Garcia11,9215 months ago
#46PianoSteven Universe - Pearl's ThemeNintenpoed
Pro Tabber
19126 months ago
#47guitarLeroy Sanchez - Little DancerRoger Jr13384 months ago
#48PianoDepeche Mode - StrangelovePapa Wings
Pro Tabber
16741 day ago
#49PianoBlonde Redhead - For the Damaged CodaMichael Jackson
Pro Tabber
22,29110 months ago
#50PianoColdplay - A Sky Full of StarsPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
11,8794 months ago
#51PianoAnonymous - 3 blind miceAnonymous188011 months ago
#52PianoTears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
11,8541 month ago
#53guitarSami Redi - ReadyAnonymous21,48111 months ago
#54Pianonobuo uematsu - ff7 main theme (overworld)Anonymous180011 months ago
#55PianoSia - Bird Set FreeAnonymous12,6957 months ago
#56guitarMichael Jackson - AngelMichael Jackson
Pro Tabber
11,18211 months ago
#57guitarAnonymous - UntitledAnonymous13774 months ago
#58PianoTears for Fears - Break It Down AgainPapa Wings
Pro Tabber
12,53610 days ago
#59PianoWilco - The Lonely 1bebeting
Tab Master
11,14610 months ago
#60guitar- - --115926 days ago
#61PianoAlice Cooper - Mary-AnnDono2011,5559 months ago
#62guitarAnonymous - UntitledAnonymous185211 months ago
#63PianoZella Day - compassAnonymous13,42910 months ago
#64PianoDepeche Mode - Enjoy The SilencePapa Wings
Pro Tabber
143517 days ago
#65PianoDavid Bowie - Life on Mars?Papa Wings
Pro Tabber
151118 days ago

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