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Strange Sounds of Our Time

Scare easily? Here are the sounds without the spooky music:

UVB-76: https://soundcloud.com/secgen/uvb-76-...
The Bloop: http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/acoustics/so...
Some Hum recordings: http://amasci.com/hum/hum1.html
52-Hertz Whale: http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/acoustics/wh...

Shove It Up Your Ear

Earbuds. Can’t live with them inside, can’t live without them outside our ear holes. Too loose of a fit and your neighbors can enjoy your tunes with you, too tight and you won't hear the screeching tires before you get pancaked (but maybe that's for the best).

Slate offers up some contenders and alternatives to the oft wax coated music transporters, including one that transmits sounds by vibrating your entire head. Some places (airlines, hotels) now give away free cheapies, but if you're willing to spend a few bucks you have lots of options:
  • ($37) Yurbuds - Guaranteed not to fall out (they screw into your ear)
  • ($60) Decibullz - Silicone custom fits
  • ($100) Aftershokz Bluez 2 - the head vibrator
  • ($150) EarHero - Used by skiers and secret service agents
Or if you've got money to burn like the audiologist they spoke with, you could go with the recommended custom-fitted "in-ear monitors" for a measly $750.

Original Article on Slate...

Boots n Cats

Drummer's Robot Arm Gives Him a 3rd Stick

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Toby Guzman - untitledunfinished.1


@tomtomgoo I disagee, and request more like this Tunder! ... (by Reverso)
I wonder if you tabbed the entire 'Dark Side Of The Moon' al... (by Da Tickler)
:D Some of the best stuff comes from just playing around, a... (by Reverso)
haha thanks marosi. (by Reverso)
This tab is so good I sorta wish I was amy (by marosi)
AWESOMENESS :D (by Reverso)

Tab Additions
Dream Theater - Octavarium (flute solo) (by Abrar)
Dream Theater - Octavarium (flute solo) (by Abrar)
Stars - Take Me to the Riot (by bebeting)
Dark Dark Dark - Daydreaming (by bebeting)
Justin Bieber - All that matters (by Dani)
Tab Updates
Saga - On The Loose - MIDI (by Da Tickler)
Dream Theater - Octavarium (flute solo) (by Abrar)
Stars - Take Me to the Riot (by bebeting)

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