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Site Update: Midi Perf Boost

Thanks and no thanks to BA's recent tab to fall asleep to, the well oiled machine that is TabNabber just got a little more efficient. We found a way to improve the speed and size of midi files that utilize the repeat command. Rock on x2. Don't know what the F we're talking about? Try adding an "x2" at the end of a tab line.

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Tab Additions
Michael Jackson - Untitled (by Michael Jackson)
Muse Michael Jackson - The Handler (by Michael Jackson)
Anonymous - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Anonymous - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time (by guitmz)
Spoon - I Just Don't Understand (by Anonymous)
Tab Updates
Muse Michael Jackson - The Handler (by Michael Jackson)
Spoon - My Mathematical Mind (by WasabiPea)
Spoon - I Just Don't Understand (by Anonymous)
Love this song! (by Stephen)
nice!!!! (by guitmz)
sup (by Anonymous)
Really good, I like it. Was easy to learn!😏 (by Kate)
Nice (by Anonymous)
I want full versions (by george)

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