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Make Your Own Carrinet in 5 Minutes

"We tend to leave music in the hands of the experts", but it need not be so.

Minimalist Music: Only 12 Notes in 'Piano Phase'

Steve Reich's 'Piano Phase' only contains 12 repeating notes played over two identical lines of music that start synchronously and slowly become out of phase with one another. It's impressive enough to see two performers play the piece, let alone a single pianist:

Can you play it? Check out the tab...

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e e ee g f#f# e d#e EabD EDba EDGF#EDbgagf#gagf#ef# C#DGF#... (by Sals)
vivicag Ur wrong. It's c b e a a f e (by Idk)
lol (by Anonymous)
Sana maulit Mauli is a beautiful song and I am trying to lea... (by Rosetta Butler)
Nice song, it's now featured! (by BA)
Yh ikr non of this works (by Guess)

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