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Bill I am added 21h Dynamite Hack - Anyway Piano added

Gary Johnson added 24h Gary Johnson - Got to be me guitar added

Selfish Shellfish added 3d Selfish Shellfish - Thank God for the Devil guitar added

Anonymous added 3d AIR - La Femme D'argent bass added

David added 5d David - Boom Chicky bass added

Melanie updated 1w mY cHEMICAL Romance - Blood Piano updated

Guest1.4 said: 20h @Sam No prob bob, im glad you like it!
on Theme - Midsomer Murders
Sam said: 21h @Guest1.4 YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thank u so much!!!
on Theme - Midsomer Murders
MlStars said: 1d Hello. And Bye.
on House Vs. Hurricane - Forfeiture (Keyboard Solo)
Guest1.4 said: 3d @sam So tell me what you think.
on Theme - Midsomer Murders
Guest1.4 said: 3d @sam ok, i whipped this up last night, hope you like it and i'll start with what i already made-
C#- C- C#- C- A#- G#- C- A#- C#- F- A#- A- F
F- D#- C#- A#- C#- D#- F- A#- C#- C- A- C-

C#- C- C#- C- A#- G#- C- A#- C#- F- A#- A- E (I like it as an E, but F will work)
F- D#- C#- A#- C#- D#- F- A#- C#- C- A#- C- C#- A#

on Theme - Midsomer Murders
Guest1.4 said: 3d @sam I'll see what i can do!
on Theme - Midsomer Murders
sam said: 3d @Guest1.4 yes please and thank you! The one above doesn't sound quite right
on Theme - Midsomer Murders
Guest1.4 said: 3d @slickrick I suppose so, i hadn't thought about it. But some of the notes i changed are higher.
Im glad you like it, it makes me!! :D

on Theme - Midsomer Murders
Boiii said: 4d I love the fact this exists. It makes me happy
on QI - QI theme song
Marci P said: 16h Thank you bill!
on Dynamite Hack Piano
Bill said: 21h On mobile if you just put an icon to get to the menu that would solve the problem
on Website menu (on mobile)
bill said: 21h I found this on UG, it at least has the chords:

on Dynamite Hack Piano
Marci P said: 3w Any luck finding it?
on Dynamite Hack Piano

Award Winning Songwriter versus Chicago Police

After being robbed at gunpoint, Grammy award winning songwriter Rhymefest went to a Chicago police station to file a report. There, he said, he was treated like a criminal. He recorded his attempt to file a report in a viral tweet, though it has received nowhere near the media attention it deserves.

We feel you Rhymefest and we commend you for holding the authorities accountable. People like you make the world better for us all. Here's Rhymefest in a awesome live performance with Citizen Cope:

Musicians Petition Obama on Behalf of Pipeline Protesters

"We are aware of the long and painful history between the US and its indigenous people. Know that the world’s eyes and the eyes of the music community are on you now as you continue to disregard the treaties you have with the Native American people and act barbarically towards them."

From a letter penned by Kate Nash and signed by over 120 musicians to petition President Obama regarding recent law enforcement actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Signees include Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Sia, Lykke Li, Kathleen Hanna, Karen O, Vic Mensa, Sky Ferreira, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Sleigh Bells, Jack Antonoff, Tegan and Sara, Ben Gibbard, Pussy Riot, Santigold, Moby, Liz Phair, Deerhoof, Against Me!, Shirley Manson, and many more.

Google's AI Song

From the Verge:

Google's art machine (the Magenta program) did beat Sony to the punch, it created its own song using AI (Artificial intelligence).

Provided with just four notes up front, the trained neural network generated this masterpiece.

Drums and orchestration were added for emphasis after the fact.

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